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Every great story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Our beginning, while humble, is rich in tradition, characters, and history.

 And while the Eagle story is still being written, its ever-evolving chapters are compelling...

Eagle was Founded in 1996 to serve the greater Phoenix market's growing need for complete Commercial Property Management & Real Estate Solutions through integrity and a commitment to delivering results with the highest quality standards that CONSISTENTLY EXCEED EXPECTATIONS.

Eagle has been building better futures for our clients & community for over 25 years and our commitment to this principle has set us apart from our peers.

President and CEO, Cindy Winters, says, "Our success is built upon our investment in our people, and the belief that a highly educated & experienced team is the greatest source of value we can offer to our clients. Our people deliver outstanding results!" 

That investment in our people includes assistance in achieving industry leading designations & certifications, state of the art technology solutions, as well as regular guidance, coaching, and personal development.

Our team of experienced Real Estate Professionals provide superior solutions and guidance to our clients in areas that include property management, brokerage, investment due diligence, property development, construction management, leasing, tenant relations, and association management.

Our culture

Imagine the Possibilities

The only truly unique element in every organization, is its culture and people. The Eagle culture is a supportive, creative, and collaborative environment whereby the concepts of open & honest communication, community, and individual development are commonplace, and woven throughout the fabric of our organization.


We recognize that the success of any organization is its people, and their longevity within it. Eagle is proud of the fact that our staff members average more than 8 years with the organization.

We foster the continuous and deliberate development of our culture to ensure an environment that is constantly evolving and aligns with our core values and fulfills our mission.

Our mission

We are committed to ensuring our client's success...



We will not compromise on the human element of our day-to-day responsibilities. Our team excels in developing long-term, meaningful relationships through honest communication, humility, and grace.

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