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Get to Know the Eagle Team

marieta michael

Marieta has a B.S. in Commerce from Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines, majoring in Accounting. She began her career as a Junior Accounting Clerk in the Philippines in 1981. Nearly 20 years later, through dedication and hard work, she had risen to a position of Department Head of Finance for Sunward Tech., a multinational company.

In 2001, Marieta left the Philippines for the US and joined Eagle 5 years later. As an Accountant for Eagle, Marieta’s breadth of experience and dedication to serving clients with diligence and excellence provides a consistent level of service that is second to none. Her knowledge of accounting practices and her eye to detail has earned her the respect of both peers and clients.


Currently residing in Mesa, Marieta spends time outdoors with her husband and their 2 dogs. She especially enjoys camping across the Arizona and the Southwestern US.


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